Strategic Communication

It is in the public opinion that lobby actions are legitimized. After all, it is not only the merit of the cause that defines the success of government relations actions, but also the public’s perception and attitude towards what is being proposed.

That’s why our team also has communication specialists. Be it in Journalism, Public Relations, Publicity or Organizational Communication, our activities are aligned with the core of the activity of government relations: divulge, inform, repeat, convince. All this with specialized technique and within the most rigorous ethical standards. See what we can offer you.

Intelligence & Strategy
  • Strategic consulting of communication.
  • Mapping of stakeholders of interest.
  • Construction of narratives and definition of strategies of approach in communication.
  • Production of positioning in front of issues of interest.
  • Analysis of coverage of the press and social media.
  • Certifications of crises.
  • Treinamentos and seminars.
  • Relationship with press and strategic public.
  • Press office.
  • Production and management of content on various platforms.
  • Diagnosis of internal communication and evaluation of communication channels.
  • Corporate events.