We are BMJ. A team of experts passionate about what they do.

BMJ is a Brazilian consulting firm specialized in International Trade, Government Affairs, Tax Analysis, Strategic Communication and Regulatory Affairs. We are a nonpartisan team passionate about what we do.

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Ethic. Professionalism. Technical excellence.

Our Consultancy acts in a conjoint way with diverse fields. For each of them, we have specialists with strong academic background and extensive experience. That is the reason why we can deliver complete solutions to our clients. Our door is always open for you.

International Trade

Knowledge of the operation of international trade brings great opportunities for companies to consolidate and expand their business with security and predictability.

Government Relations

BMJ believes in adding competitive value to its clients through technical, ethical and qualified work, positioning them strategically in the decision-making process of public policies to defend interests.

Tax Advisory

The complexity of the Brazilian tax system increases the risk in the decision making of any company inserted in the international or domestic market.

Strategic Communication

It is in the public opinion that lobby actions are legitimized. After all, it is not only the merit of the cause that defines the success of governmental relations actions, but also the public’s perception and attitude towards what is being proposed.

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