Anticorruption policy

BMJ values transparency in its relationship with private and public entities, and seeks to be always ahead to provide security to its consultants and clients with the best compliance pratices.

Thereunto, we instituted BMJ´s Ethics Channel. You´ll be able to anonymously report any possible acts praticed by BMJ´s consultants which violate our Etchical and Compliance Code or the Anticorruption Policy legislation.

Receive our ethics code

The complaints can be made either by employees of BMJ or by thirds who would like to clarify doubts, concerns or to do complaints about possible transgressions. The BMJ´s Ethics Committee will make the questions appuration and the denunciator will be able to anonymously follow up his case´s evolution. All the complaints will be audited by Legal Ética, a consultant company specialized in ethic and compliance.

To make a report, use the button below or contact us by calling 0800 400 3333 or by email at