Partners and Associations

Amcham (American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil) is the largest American Chamber in the world, with a presence in 14 cities and about 5,000 members. It focuses on services such as conducting business missions to the United States and other countries and promoting major events. Annually, around 150 thousand executives participate in the more than 2 thousand activities organized by Amcham, making the Chamber a hub for exchanging information and improving the best business practices in several regions in which it operates.

BMJ is an associate of Amcham Brasília and Welber Barral, our Founding Partner, is also President of the Foreign Trade Committee. Several BMJ consultants and directors gave lectures at Amcham. Moreover, in 2016 we launched with this partnership the guide “How To Do Trade Policy in Brazil”.

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In January 2013, the Comex do Brasil news portal was launched, firm in the purpose of being a safe and reliable source of information and analysis of topics related mainly to foreign trade and agribusiness. BMJ is a partner of Comex do Brasil in promoting information and analysis in the fields of international trade and domestic politics.

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The partnership with the Ethos Institute follows the principles of mobilizing, raising awareness and helping companies to manage their businesses in a socially responsible way, making them partners in building a sustainable and just society.

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Endeavor is a global non-profit organization with a mission to multiply the transforming power of entrepreneurs. In Brazil since 2000, they promote a business environment that stimulates the growth and impact of entrepreneurs ahead of Scale-ups, high-growth companies with a scalable and innovative model.

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