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Érico Oyama

Érico Oyama has a degree in journalism and has worked at BMJ as a Political Analysis consultant since December 2021. He is responsible for analytical materials regarding the political and economic scenario at the federal level and making scenario presentations for clients. In addition, he provides support for BMJ’s coordinations sector with the gathering of background information. He previously worked as an economics reporter for the Veja magazine, was an editor and presenter for BandNews FM – where he worked alongside names such as Reinaldo Azevedo e Ricardo Boechat – and was a reporter during JOTA’s coverage of Congress. In 2020 and 2021, he twice won the Marco Maciel Award, promoted by ABRIG, in the category “Journalism regarding RIG activity.”

His degree in Journalism is from Mackenzie and he also holds an MBA in Economic-Financial Information and Capital Markets for journalists, a course created by B3.


Political Analysis | Economy | Journalism
Tel: +55 61 3223-2700