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Felipe Ramaldes

Part of the Government Relations Team at BMJ, Felipe Ramaldes started his career in the third sector, working in institutions with social purpose, promoting culture, historical heritage, ecotourism, traditional communities, and conservation areas, always related with the public power. With an extensive experience into socio-environmental area, Felipe started working in the private sector in a mining company as a social investments consultant and, after this experience, he was invited to take over the position of Tourism Undersecretary in Vitória-ES. With the successful implementation public-private cooperation policies, the tourism department merged with Vitória Development, Tourism, and Innovation Company (CDTIV), where he acted as Tourism Director, in a 7-year cycle in public management. Ramaldes has a bachelor’s degree in Tourism from Faculdade Estácio de Sá de Vitória and master’s degree in Political Sociology from Vila Velha University.


Public Policies | Sustainability | Public Concessions | Tourism | Environment.
Tel: +55 61 3223-2700