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Raquel Alves

Raquel Alves is a senior Consultant at BMJ and has been a part of the Intelligence and Political Analysis division since 2022. She holds a degree in journalism from the Centro Universitário de Brasília (CEUB), having begun her career as a journalist in the now extinct Radiobrás. Raquel has also worked at the Northeast Agency, CMA Agency, DCI News, TV Record and the JOTA portal, always focusing on covering political events. She has experience with real-time coverage and has worked with hard news for most of her career. Raquel covered the vote tallying of seven of the nine direct elections for president held after the re-democratization process. She also covered the 2001 energy crisis, the process of establishing regulatory agencies and the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff (PT).


Political Analysis | Political Journalism | Legislative Process
Tel: +(55) 61 3223-2700