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Ex-Diretor de Assuntos Corporativos da Monsanto do Brasil integra a equipe de especialistas da Barral M Jorge

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An economist specialized in Marketing, Rodrigo Almeida made his professional career at Monsanto Brazil. Beginning at the commercial area, he worked at the Former Plastics Division, at the Chemical Products Division as Product Manager and, at the Finance Department, as Credit Manager and later as Price Control Manager, at a time when Brazil had adopted a policy of price control for the main products in the market. It was after this period that his history with Corporate Affairs began.

Through the past 20 years, Rodrigo Almeida has effectively contributed for the development of important regulatory frameworks, necessary for the introduction of biotechnology in Brazil, for the approval of this technology in the soybeans, corn and cotton production chains, and for the creation of a remuneration system which has allowed continuous investments in those sectors in this country. Among such contributions, it is worth highlighting the Bio-safety Law, the Law of Seeds and the Law of Patents.

During this period, Rodrigo Almeida had the opportunity to establish a productive network with key decision-makers of all sectors, from governmental bodies, companies and associations. This has contributed significantly to gain the support needed for the introduction and consolidation of products derived from agricultural biotechnology in the market.

As examples of his involvement in this market segment, Rodrigo has been Tax Advisor for the Brazilian Chemistry Association (ABIQUIM), Vice-President of the Brazilian Food Industry Association (ABIA), Director of the National Association of the Animal Feed Industry (Sindirações), Director of the Centre of the São Paulo State Industries (CIESP) and a member of the Governmental Relations Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM). He was also closely involved with projects with the Agro-Business Association (ABAG), the Brazilian Poultry Association (UBABEF), the Brazilian Seeds Association (ABRASEM), among others.

Additionally, Rodrigo was responsible for developing and institutionalizing an important communication channel with Embrapa, which led to a greater understanding of biotechnology in the Brazilian government.

Rodrigo Almeida is joining the Barral M Jorge team of consultants from July 2013. He will work from our São Paulo office mainly in the Government Relations and Business Development areas, taking advantage of all the expertise acquired at Monsanto. His arrival is part of the process of consolidation of the Government Relations area of this consultancy, which already includes former top-level members of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, of the Executive Office of the President of Brazil, and of the private sector.

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