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Federal Revenue’s Tax Auditors go on strike

By 12 de July de 2016No Comments


In a meeting held on Monday (11) the Tax Auditors of the Federal Revenue service approved a two-day per week strike starting on Thursday (14). Standard operations will be adopted only in customs.

The strike is a protest against the delay of the government forwarding to Congress the bill that addresses a salary adjustment for the category, which was previously negotiated with Rousseff’s administration.

There is a general dissatisfaction with the government and the secretary of the Federal Revenue, Jorge Rachid, in particular, amongst auditors. They have seen progress with adjustments for other categories of public servants and believe the government is resisting to send the text that deals with their case.

Interim minister of planning, Dyogo Oliveira, said there is no deadline for the dispatch of the matter to the congress.

A two-day a week standstill serves as a warning to the government. Though it does not fully impact revenue, it will definitely reduce the potential of tax collection precisely at a time of fiscal crisis. Also, affecting foreign trade.

In a moment of political and economic instability, delays and lose in revenue are the last things the administration needs. Interim president Temer and his team shall look seriously into resolving the matter so it doesn’t gain a larger proportion.


Ammar Hassan

Public Affairs Assistant


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