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Seminar brings together Asian embassies to discuss trade with Brazil

By 23 de March de 2016February 8th, 2017No Comments

Last Wednesday, the 16th, Barral M Jorge promoted a seminar on the theme ‘Brazil-Asia Business Outlook for 2016’. The purpose of the event was to present various opportunities for trade relations between Brazil and Asia in the current political crisis and economic scenario.  The event took place at the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in Brasília. Among those present were ambassadors and senior officials from Asian embassies, such as Thailand, India, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

The seminar was divided into two parts: economic outlook and political perspective. Former Secretary of Foreign Trade and partner at Barral M Jorge, Welber Barral spoke on the economic sphere. He gave a comparative analysis of import and export data from the last decade, highlighting the boom of Brazil-Asia relations in 2011. According to the data, the major focus of Brazilian exports was the primary sector, with an emphasis on agricultural products and iron, while imports are mostly machinery, fertilizers, fuel, and high-tech devices. Barral also spoke of existing trade agreements such as the Mercosul, which takes new horizons with the Argentina’s elections, and the advance in non-tariffs issues.

The responsible for the political sphere was Barral M Jorge’s Political Risk Analyst, Gabriel Petrus. He explained the roots of the current Brazilian political crisis and gave an analysis of the government’s behavior during this period, emphasizing the five biggest mistakes committed by President Dilma Rousseff on the last month.

Petrus also gave a rundown of three possible scenarios and their effects in the event of President Rousseff’s impeachment: Vice President Michel Temer becomes President; new elections are held; a semi-presidential system is established. Petrus also spoke on infrastructure, he pointed that new privatizations must occur until the end of the current year.

Due to the event’s success, Barral M Jorge intends to host more seminars in the future, inviting new countries to participate. The expectation is that the next event will be geared towards South America.


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